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For the latest elliott smith pix, info, tabs, and news on his upcoming album XO go to the newest Elliott Smith site on the web at:

XO will be released on VINYL through Bongload Custom Records one week prior to the AUgust 25th Dreamworks release

in the coming weeks this site will experience it's long over due content/navigation update the meantime please visit the above mentioned site...

Read the following in bugJuice 1.01 regarding Elliott and his backing band Quasi: "Cases worthy of notice because it seems that someone on this tour had raided a classic rock auction as these bright red amp cases were authentic concert memorabilia that once belonged to EARTH, WIND, & FIRE.

Hear it here first in the infamous 'bug juice inquiries'.
This innaguaral installment covers that glorious night surrounding Elliott's last show at the Troubador in Los Angeles. CLICK HERE for bUG jUICE 1.01

check out this interactive elliott piece at!

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take a listen - elliott's title track to his upcoming dreamworks release - XO - 500k
elliott covering Jonn Lennon's 'Jealous Guy' 450k
a Shockwave streaming audio ver. Jealous Guy
a Shockwave streaming audio ver. of XO
a larger 2 meg version of Jealous Guy - better sounding

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a Shockwave streaming audio ver. of Plainclothes Man

download these Real Audio files - then drag and drop into web browser window to open with Realplayer

Elliott tracks from Live @ Umbra Penumbra Comp. (c) 1994 skylash records
some song (realplayer)
no name #1 (realplayer)

go to Umbra for info on compilation w/ live Elliott

click here for RA clips from all three of E's albums

a rather cruddy stream of the Miss Misery video
Elliott Cybercast Live at Brownies in NYC 1997
click here for a whole slew of dated elliott news pieces
click here for elliott spring tour dates!!!

Review of Tramp's NYC Show April 22nd

elliott in the LA Times

He might have performed at the ceremony in a bright suit, but this is a man who wore a black Hank Williams Jr. shirt on his last album cover, as well as nearly every time he appeared in public in the past year. He's even got it on today, buthas it hidden under a yellow Oxford.

"I really need to get some new clothes," he says sheepishly, especially since a photographer shooting promotional pictures for his next album caught him in it recently. "He brought some pictures by and I realized that I was wearing the same shirt that was on the cover of my last record. I was like, Jesus, anybody that cares to notice is gonna be like, 'What, does this guy only have one fucking shirt? Does he ever bathe? He looks exactly the same as he did a year ago.' " e.smith

Brand Spankin' new post-oscar interview from the above

click here to go to Elliott at Oscars newspiece

John Doe of the band 'X' interviews Elliott Smith in CMJ Online

New Elliott Interview on NPR's 'All Things Considered'. Click here for Real Audio broadcast.
If you don't have the Real Player you can get it for FREE at

Elliott was on Conan O' Brian 3/4 and on MTV LIVE 3/5
both performances included Oscar Nominated "Miss Misery"
click here for major screen shots of Elliott on Conan.
(Big thanks to "jesus' little brother" for providing these)

New Interview! - A candid chat with Elliott Smith; includes just about everything you'd want to know. New guitar tablature for many Elliott songs including Say Yes, Between the Bars, Ballad of Big Nothing, Alameda, Speed Trials and Angeles.
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Elliott Smith Broadcast to the World ....
Elliott accepts invitation to perform "Miss Misery" at the Oscars - March 23rd 1998
Click here for news piece
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elliott smith appeal goes universal....

Elliott receives an Oscar Nomination for Best Original Song (Miss Misery) in 'Good Will Hunting'. New Elliott album to be realesed on DreamWorks Records some time in late summmer.

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