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DIY Publishing Opportunities at skylash

I am trying to expand my skylash media lab site and Elliott Smith reporting.. My goal is to build an experimental creative lab that becomes a user driven forum for everyone's expriences. In other words, an expansive e-zine that covers all things culturally intriguing not just elliott smith. (However -- if you have Elliott tales, tapes, reviews or photos do tell ..i have super fine elliott goods i could trade with you.)

Even if you don't think you are a writer just e-mail me the stories that you feel you want to share with the world and I will publish them within my site under the appropriate sections.

****I am currently asking for submissions in the form of local music reviews, stories of your hometown music scene, commentary on pop culture, religion, art, the occult, psychology, politics, indie culture, film reviews, deviant life, your life, etc. Poetry, short stories, quicktime movies, scanned artwork, and music files are also welcome. Even if your art isn't digital - i have the means to convert it if necessary .

**** Prizes, toys, and treats will be awarded to those who participate.****

Please forward this URL or my e-mail to anyone you may think interested.
skylash media lab:
just tryin to live up to that "interactive" thing..ya know?
thanks again...