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The Girl and the Elf King

In the woods of Bogo, everybody's livestock grazed on the common. The dairymaids went together to milk the cows, and when they were done, they always walked back together.

But one day when they were on their way home, they discovered that one of the girls was missing. She did not answer, no matter how much they called. They finally found her, sitting alone and bewildered by Elves' Moor. They had barely gotten home, when she told them that she had met a handsome man. He asked her to be his sweetheart, and she had been charmed by him and could not get away. He had told her not to answer when the other girls called.
After that she had to go to Elves' Moor every day. But someone gave her the advice that when the elf king came, she should say three times:

"Turn around so that I can see whether you are the same in back as in front." At the next meeting she did that, and she saw that he was hollow in the back, and shouted: "No, for shame, you are hollow like a baking trough." Then the elf king walked away and left her in peace.