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hi dear peepa ....

here are some little predicamentes for you to look at...

this can be our cave in the cove....if anythin... i cant write well./!

we Love you,

seventeen casey's

i  -->>>  s u r r e n d e r  t o   p i p p a ' s   m   o   m    m    e    e 

what about all the future....well...that stuff below...

and who is this supposed to be? this gurl is good.. she cannot waste away in
cylindrical tears, floating on fluff, bunny rabbit skies,
this IS the WOMYN i want to be with...can I?

see this girl is in motion .. why would she stop now...know impasse
is too much to know.. you can BE girl ..just come already and START your
life...unless you can do it alone...can you?

or you could live staring into the future past tense of life in PDX.
.perpetually swooning over thoughts never realized......
perhaps i am wrong.. you are incredibly strong for such a young woman
and you will most likely have more success than i ... sooner than i atleast.
maybe i am wrong for you ..
femme he good/or grand? or bayde

here is one for the little Peepster....

you could always find the bell --follow its call -- its always dinging..
so what do you think? tell me..
bye, daisey

skylash media lab