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skylash media lab - fall 1997

elliott pix

daisy spin

'Elliott Smith had everyone crowded down front for his acoustic set, so visibility was nonexistent. "What's he look like?" a girl asked her tall boyfriend. "He's short, wearing a blue stocking cap...pale...has sort of a craggy face...not handsome, but good-looking in kind of a meek way," he replied, squinting over the heads. Elliott played through a string of his bruised, but tender compositions, while the usual wags went on about how he sounds like Paul Simon. Sheesh! There are some tonal similarities, but Elliott's voice has a rawness that Mr. Simon would surely avoid. Smith's voice is like alleyways full of broken glass, peopled with soon-to-be ghosts. Paul Simon is a luxury condominium with the air conditioner blasting. Nobody ever gives Richard Thompson shit because he sounds like Gordon Lightfoot...' (c) 1997 John Chandler

Here is a letter I received from elliott concerning future tour dates:

"hey man. I'm playing oct 23rd in dc, 26th in nyc, a little later in chicago, somewhere in michigan, then sf and la nov 3-4, or 4-3, moving on the pdx/seattle sometime after that. I'll let you know when the dates are real. cheers, e"

 New Elliott site emerges in Texas....
The Elliott Smith Answering Machine (leave a message)
New LIVE Elliott show on the web at KCRW Online
Info re: LIVE Elliott on the Live @ Umbra Penumbra Compilation from 9/17/94
9/15/97 - Review of Elliott Smith Project in Oregon w/Beck, Sonic Youth, and BTS by olympiagurrl
E.S.O.N.F. ver 1.2 - Elliott CMJ Westbeth Review by me - 9/8/97
Elliott played  CMJ Music Fest  in NYC Sept. 5th for the Kill Rock Stars/Up Records Showcase
Elliott recited "poetry" and played at the Knitting Factory  during a poet/spoken word show 9/7
New Elliott 7" released on  Suicidesqueeze Records  includes Division Day/No name #6.

Elliott Links & Music on the Web NEWS!! - The Elliott Smith Online News Flash Ver. 1.1 Indie Sightings, Elliott Gossip, Fan Reviews and Sonic Chews Sub-Indie Culture, Music, and Technology Links New! Quintessential Elliott Interview/Articles from Seattle's Rocket New Elliott Site by indie therapist ApRyL SmYtH from Portland,OR There is now an Elliott Smith Bulletin Board go on and post.. Creating content for this site in the form of elliott commentary, local music reviews, or anything on pop culture is strongly encouraged.Feel free to write me or click above and I will publish your stuff here.
Elliott soundz from 'either/or' 'Ballad of Big Nothing' -- 324k WAV 'Pictures of Me' -- 231k WAV 2:45 AM & Alameda (remotely located)
Unofficial Elliott Smith GuestBook/BBS Posting is Polite

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elliott smith the guitar repair man
distant family member i dont think...prolly could help w/ your 6 string problems though

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