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(valeriana officinalis)

Valerian root was so popular during medieval times that it was know as the"all-heal".It is currently one of the most popular orthodox antispasmatics medications in Russia and Germany. Other parts of the world, including China and North America, have incoroprated valerian root in their pharmacopoeias.

Valerian is a extremely grounding herb but smells like dirty socks.
It is a strong seditive and nerve tonic. It is sedating for all emotional disturbancies and pain. It is used in many nervine formulas for its antispasmodic effect.

As a bedtime tea, it's often mixed with hops. At first valerian may seem to be a stimulant because of the oil of valerian must be broken down by enzymes into valeramic acid before the sedative effect can be felt.

Hops, like valerian is a strong nervine and used for insomnia. It also tones up the liver and digestive tract, increasing the flow of bile. It is used for nervous stomach, gas, and intestinal cramps.