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Wild Yam can be used to treat:

menstrual cramps, ailments during menopause (Wild Mexican Yam is used as a natural progesteron cream, if applyed to soft tissues of the body like the belly, inner thighs, underside of upper arm etc. it alleviates menopause symptoms. The cream is an alternative to estrogen and more effective without the side affects). Wild Yam also aids, nausea/vomiting, inflammation, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle spasms, poor digestion, high cholesterol, high blood pressure...

Wild Yam Root taken twice a day everyday in 3 size "00" capsules is able to work as a contraceptive, ( you must take this dosage 2 months ahead of time to make it effective and continue there after) I have not tried this herb as a contraceptive so I am not suggesting you rely on it alone.

It can also be used for menstral regularity, infertility, and endomeriosis.

If taken right away after a woman's egg has been fertilized, Wild Yam aids in the prevention of a miscarriage.

Wild Yam is the general herb taken during pregnancy as pain relief and allay nausia if taken in small amounts.

Consult your herbalist or midwife on how Wild Yam can assist you.

Wild Yam is a wonderful herb for women.

DONG QUAI ROOT is a Chinese herb used for most female ailments. It treats menstral cramps, irregular menstrual cycles, and meopause. It is also an antispasmaodic for treating insomnia, hypertension, and cramps. Dong quai is a good blood purifier and is used in treating anemia as well as warming circulation.