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Live at Umbra Penumbra: the folk stopped here

Live @ Umbra Penumbra : The Folk Stops Here Recorded from September 94 - October 95 at Umbra in Portland, Or.
(c) 1996 skylash records
To my knowledge this is the only live Elliott Smith material ever released.

Elliott contributes two songs to this live compilation: No name #1 

and "Some Song". Other performances include Pete Krebbs fomerly of Hazel 

and of the current national sensation 'Golden Delicious', Portland's most 

devout busker Lucky the Six Sting Outlaw, Sarah Shortt, the elusive Jack

Dawe of the emotively anti-angst clan - but now defunct Aerodrome, the righteous 

Jim Boyer Band of Laurelthirst County, and a host of others. 

Its only like 6-7 bucks...cassette only.

To order this tape please write or call Mark or the Umbra folks at:

Umbra Penumbra 314 SW 9th, Portland Oregon
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