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Merry Greeings

It's time for communication so get your voice heard! Share with the world your ideas and dreams. You may have to do some research on how to accomplish this but you'll be right on track if you start soon.

Your opinions are changing on some important issues, stand your ground. Your beleifs are right on, power to you goddess of justice.

Watch your finances, ecspecially shared ones. You won't be getting any loans from anyone so budget and pace yourself.

Romance will surprise you so take I advise a weekend getaway with a friend or lover.
Your health is generally good. The herbs under your sign are cleaver, corn silk, juniper, parsley, and uva ursi. Check out these herbs and use them as you wish.
A schedual may be a good idea to get on your path. Get organized in your career or career goals.

Now is a perfect time for new beginnings.

Blessed Be!

any questions?